The FGN Declares Nmandi Kanu, A Jew, A Political Prisoner & A “god”

If God came and asked Nmandi Kanu to make a wish, any wish, even he Kanu could not wish of this gift from the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN)…its almost too good to be true
By insisting he presents a Jewish religious leader….The FGN has now put his religious belief as a matter of judicial contemplation. In an official legal statement, the Federal Government of Nigeria has confirmed Nmamdi Kanu a “Jew”, A “political prisoner” and a “god”….the trifecta
I recall a story about the Civil Rights by Martin Luther King Jr II. He said when the blacks went to be served at white only counters as a sign of protest, they knew it was illegal, but they provoked the arrest because they knew the arrest would make headlines, and help to bring civil rights to American Television sets.
MLK added that the greatest fear the Civil Rights leaders had was not the threat of beatings and racial degradation, but that the racist would simply understand the game and actually serve them…making the protest ineffective.
The racist were too stupid, and the pictures of young black men and women being spat on and beaten because they wanted to simply sit on a counter, went global, far exceeding the projections of the planners…
The stupidity of the strong…….
Somewhere in Aba, Justice Binta is being praised for her judgement bail She and the Federal Government of Nigeria have done more for Nmandi Kanu than ever possibly imagined
Nmandi Kanu simply cannot believe his luck…
i so post….

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