Time and Chance

You never dreamed of it, nor expected it…it fell into your laps

You had 5 years….you had oil money

You did not complete East to West road…

You did not build West to East railway….

You could not pass PIB…

you had time and chance…you failed to grab it.

you are not alone….


The other man, the ex-General, ex Head of State had 8 years…wanted more years.

That man could not fix Lagos to Ibadan expressway….

That man could not build a Standard Gauge Lagos to Ibadan railway…

That man could not pass PIB

He had time and chance…he failed to grab it.


Another word for Lagos in the early 2000 was “go slow” ie traffic jams.

Productivity in Lagos was suffering because of traffic jams…

Lagos then got a Minister of Works from Lagos State.

That Minister and the Governor  of Lagos could not agree, leave politics and build the 4th Mainland bridge, they fought over who has the right to plant flowers on Federal roads…

No 4th Mainland bridge was built…

Lagos missed her Time and Chance….


Today another ExGeneral is on the throne…he wants to extend the rail network to his town in Daura.

He is also proposing to build North Central to North West rail ie Kano to Maiduguri rail line.

Under him the Federal Government has given approval for the implementation of the “constitutionally guaranteed” 13 per cent derivation from mineral revenues to mineral producing states.

North East Development Act also passed

He is correct and right to do these projects….if he does not do more, he is a failure.

You can disagree, you can make economic arguments till next year about the economic viability of these policies and rallies….but your analysis is rubbish.


Time and Chance happens to them all…what you do with your time and your chance is your responsibility. if others have failed to use their time and Chance, let us not stand in the way of another person using his.

Thus i can only pray the man on the throne today clearly understands time is a wasting asset. if you want to build…do not waste time speaking English….just do it.

My own is to post.

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