Zealous Zealots

Presidents Buhari has a problem…..

During the first press conference by the Presidential Elect in April 2015, African Independent Television (AIT) was barred and removed from the venue by agents of Mr President.

Mr President-Elect came out and “I would like everyone to henceforth stay within his/her defined area of responsibility,”…in essence, “overzealous staff, maintain  your lane”

Later, some said Mr President had repaired the nations failed crude oil refineries….by the force of his personality or “body language”. Think about this, people actually said refineries could be repaired just by “body language”..

Mr President came out again in July 2015 and said…“I cannot take credit for the revival of the refineries because I have no input to it, if I say I had a hand in it, it will be a lie and I cannot tell lies.”

The 2016 budget came, any independent analysis of the budget initially submitted showed it was heavily padded, however again, some said it was not padded…..

Mr President came out again, fired 187 staff of the Budget Office including its head Head, declaring…“never did I hear the word ‘padding’ till the 2016 Budget.”

Recently the Secretary of the Government has been accused of impropriety in award of contracts as regards IDPs in the North East…as usual there were voices out in forces, defending…declaring innocence…asking us to move on

Mr President has come out again and “instructed the Attorney General of the Federation to investigate the involvement of any top government official accused of any wrong doing”

Can you see any pattern?

Many people love Mr President, but passion is not sufficient, being defensive must not become boisterous and unemphatic, it must be substantive. The President must be defended, his policies must be promoted but where do we place body language and booting out a press organisation? the word in English is sycophancy….

We must love, but not worship, we must critic but not become cynics, the President cant work alone but help must not be damaging to Mr President.

Its our Problem, we can fix it




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