FGN Says It $2.6b Spent On Humanitarian Crisis in 2016…This Is Impossible

“After over $2.6 billion was spent by the Nigerian Government to address humanitarian needs in 2016 – more needs were seen when areas were recovered from Boko Haram...Chief of Defense Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin,

$2.6b….that’s billion with a B…in US Dollars….in 2016?

Are were to believe $2.6b was spent in 2016 , and yet children were dying in IDP camps from hunger ?…. What was the total revenues earned by Nigeria in 2016? what was spent on PMS imports in 2016?  yet still $2.6b ia said to have been spent on “humanitarian” crisis in 2016


To put it plainly, I find it seemly impossible that $2.6b was spent by Nigeria on “humanitarian crisis” in 2016….spent on what?

$2.6b is more than the entire budget for Lagos State in 2016, the economy of Lagos State is larger than many West African nations,

$2.6b is more than the capital allocation to the Ministries of Defense, Works, Power, Housing, Transportation and Interior…combined.

$ 2.6b is more than the TOTAL salaries for ALL soldiers, teachers and doctors in Nigeria in 2016.

Thus its boogles the mind that a highly placed Federal Government official will assert that $2.6b was spent , and specifically in 2016…..This is clearly untrue,.


so its either two things….

A. its a typo….or he misspoke

B. The FGN does not have any facts or accounts on how much was spent on “humanitarian crisis” in 2016




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