Focus On Your Strategic Goals

So i watched a football game, one team had 59% possession and 1 goal……..another team got 41% possession and got 3 goals.
Football is won by goals, not possession. Scoring “Goals” is the Strategic Goal (no pun intended). As an entrepreneur , you must focus on what really matters….Possession or Goals  or rather Sales or Cash generated?
Time is the most valuable commodity for an entrepreneur, its important the entrepreneur understands the value chain and cash generation cycle of the business.
A great Product or Service must create Sales….sales creates Gross Profit..gross profit creates Net Profits…..net Profits creates Cash….if the chain is broken, then there is a problem. A great business must generate cash or it will go bankrupt
If your business is not generating cash from sale of your product of service, you maybe you are focusing on “possession” not goals…

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