Libya: Letting An Opportunity Go To Waste

The world has been shocked by videos of Africans being traded and sold as openly as slaves in Libya. The Africans were trying to cross into Italy from Libya via the Mediterranean Sea.

Libya is a lawless country, there are ISIS members in Libya, it has no real government that actually controls the entire nation.  it is a dangerous place for a Libyan, talk-less an African migrant. It appears these migrants are being exploited and sold as cheap labour and sex slaves….however allow me o digress a bit

This Libyan slave issue is set up for an African President to “shine”…..(ignore my shameless opportunism)

Imagine there was a nation of 200m black people….with a strong diaspora.

Imagine that nation had $30b in the bank, Largest economy in Africa, touts herself as “Giant of Africa”

Imagine that nation was half Muslim and half Christian

Imagine if that nation has her citizen as Deputy UN Secretary General

Imagine the President of that nation organised an urgent Humanitarian conference and convinced the Grand Imam of the Mosque in Saudi Arabia and the Holy Pope to attend that summit. Imagine if that nation President tapped into the American star power and brought stars like Angela Jolie, Beyonce, Denzel Washington etc to the confrence. Imagine is that President also invited with leaders from UN, EU, UK, France etc and condemn the slave trade in Libya. imagine the PhotoOp…President, Pope, Imam, EU President, Jolie, Beyonce all talking about economic opportunities…not slaves…..

Imagine that same President used this conference to push for a wider discussion with the EU and the World Bank on investing in Agriculture, Irrigation and Vocational education in Africa, pushing for the creation of a massive investments special fund to invest in Africa and stem flow of migrants to Europe. (Remember the West bombed Libya to anarchy, you break it, you own it)

Imagine this conference at the minimum leading to new trade and transfer pricing legislation to stem legal corruption in Africa (that can be agreed immediately)….even removing remittances fees to enable African families send more $ back home. in effect, this sad tale of slavery can be tuned around to drive investment and opportunities in Africa.

A President, any serious President does not allow any opportunity go to waste…

A President is….

I so post…

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