NO, You Did Not Inherit 3000mw

How do you measure the speed of a car?
1..Look at the speedometer?
2. look at the car in motion and measure speed?
It looks like a stupid question to measure the speed of a car by looking at the speedometer but that is what APC is doing. They are measuring power generation by looking at the power supply that was transmitted on a particulate day…..they day they took over power.
Nigeria power, almost 70% is from gas..if the Escravos gas pipeline system is shut down almost five power plants will shut down. So if gas pipelines were down in 2015, is it fair to say you as the APC government inherited less than 3000mw?
That would be like the PDP saying because power supply went to below 100MW during one of the numerous nationwide power blackouts in 2017, the APC has reduced power to 100MW from over 10,000mw…
So what are the official figures? first of all let us  be clear…
1..Power Generation Capacity refers to the installed nameplate capacity to generate power eg your 1.5kv portable home generator has an installed capacity of 1.5kva. Your generator can have the ability to generate 1.5KV but because it has never been “serviced” (like Kainji Dam) it will generate less eg 1KVA
2..Power Transmission refers to ability of the transmission cables to take power from your generator to your house.  So your Generator can generate I.5KVA but your transmission wire being cheap can only absorb 1KVA….thus .5KVA is “lost”
so we are clear.
.1. Power generation Capacity is total available
2. Actual Power generated cannot be higher than Capacity, it can be equal or less
3..Actual power Transmitted cannot be higher than Power Generated….can be equal or less.
So what are the figures?
1. Power Generation Capacity in December 2014 according to Presidential Task Force on Power was 7,445MW. In April 2015, Mr Abiodun Ajifowobaje the CEO of Ikeja Electric said Nigeria installed capacity was not less than 10,000 MW.

Keep in mind the three hydo power plants alone are almost 2,000mw…Egbin is 1320 but the PDP built the NIPP which are 10 brand new gas power plants with a total nameplate of 4,000MW minimum. Ten new 330/132kV substations and Seven new 132/33kV substations were also built adding 5,590MVA and 3,313MVA capacity to the national grid. this is material.

The real question the tax payers want to know is.
1. What was Power Generation Capacity in 2015….what is it in December 2017
2. What was Power Transmitted in 2015…what was it in December 2017.
look at the diagram….Power transmission goes up and down…with gas pipelines sabotage but the total power Transmitted is almost 5,000mw

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