There Is Nothing Like Free Trade

As you can see from article below on Palmoil, Free Trade is a myth

France is “banning” palmoil imports to protect Sunflower which of course is  European .

France is 100% correct. …….Indonesia and other Palmoil exporters should simply “ban” French products as well…..Peugeot, AirBus even Air France……no need to wail.

However i post this because of  the CET import regime we are now implementing that allows imports into ECOWAS….as long as duty is paid.

That policy will generate current income but kill local jobs long term. (Yes the CET has anti-dumping and trade defense provisions but its still an import policy)

We must do what France has done….target specific imports (like textiles)….raise tariff on them to make imports impossible thus paving the way for local substitutes and local jobs.

There is no need to wail we are importing toothpicks…..pass laws to make manufacturing of toothpicks in Nigeria cheaper….

Its our problem, we can fix it


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