To lend Nigeria $29.9b is Economic Suicide


Let me be very clear…

There is nothing wrong with loans, debt or fact we need it now

The problem is you don’t give a kid knives to play with.

This government cannot feeds kids in IDP camps or prepare and spend a budget…it has not kept one campaign promise…not one….how can anyone in good conscience give them $29.9b to spend at will?

The proposed $29.9b loan will go to salaries and 2019 elections…it will be shared to States Governors who will squander it…(they don’t care 2019 will be their last term).

Dont say you trust Buhari, I also trust Buhari, but Buhari is not omnipresent, are we not now hearing tales of N2.5b fraud in presidential Initiative for North East PINE? under President Buhari?

All my instincts tell me this……the oil game is up….this $29.9b is last push to share what’s left of oil largess…to approve $29.9b loan is to commit economic suicide…