Nmandi Kanu Has Been Offered A Deal…Will He Take It?

The South West/North political alliance is “in doubt.

Plan B is to make inroads into the South East, as a backup to gain 25% in 2/3 states in 2019, should the SW alliance crumble.

Already visits by “traditional elders” from the South East to Mr President have been planned and conducted. The FGN funded school feeding has been launched in Anambra State.  A prominent South East Governor is being asked to decamp to the APC to gain a second term.

In a reversal of the “5% Principle” three South East states, Imo, Ebonyi and Abia are listed in equal proportion to three states in the South West, Ogun, Ekiti and Lagos to benefit from the proposed $29.9b loan….a signal that the SE and the SW hold the same weighting, even as the SE politically is in the governing party.

However the singular issue is Nmandi Kanu, he alone has the power to sway a multitude of votes in the South East. His incarceration has made him very popular in the SE “street”. Mr Kanu is seen as a loose cannon, but an effective cannon.

So a strategic plan for Daniel Kanu has been launched…The plan is simple…

  1. Get a ‘popular” South East Politician
  2. Get him to offer freedom to Kanu in exchange for support in 2019

Will Nmamdi Kanu accept?

Watch this space…







  1. This government made a mistake by arresting Nnamdi Kanu in the first place because the arrest has made him popular around the world. There is serious pressure from the international community over his continued detention and that is the problem. So any deal the government would offer him would be to end the pressure and not necessarily on 2019 elections

  2. Sorry your don’t have a point…. Spectators always see it easy but the game players understands the game movement, ORJI uzor kalu is on the right direction, he took a brave step, you can’t fight outside the ring and be victorious, you have to be in the ring, I salute your bravery OUK

  3. Tinubu and South West already beat them to it. Fani Kayode’s recent incarceration at Kuje prison was to facilitate a meeting and offer a deal.

  4. Orji Uzor Kalu should take his pettiness to his house not even to Abia because the people of Abia won’t even listen to him.The worst thing that he did was to join APC,I think Ngige will tell him better..Nonsense…

    • Things are about to turn around very soon with the entrance of OUK in APC, one thing you cannot remove from him is his ability to speak out, regardless of who is involve, take it or leave it, he took a wise step joining the party,,,,, do you know that he had been fighting alone all this time,,, do you know he has lost fortune all this time due to his stand and yet no body supported him not even a sympathy from his very own, he did not join APC to betray any body rather he joined it to become a stronger force and a louder voice

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