10 Things That Worry Me About Nigeria

  1. No rain, No power supply. Africa largest economy by GDP is powered by generators
  2. No oil, No salaries. State Governments cannot pay salaries without oil handouts. Minimum wage is $59 a month
  3. No army, No elections. If the Armed Forces are not deployed, there cannot be free and fair elections in Africa largest democracy
  4. No food imports, No feeding. Nigerians, world largest producer of yams and cassava cannot feed its people without food imports after 56 years
  5. No Lagos, No Service sector, Nigeria GDP is 50% services, but concentrated in one state, Lagos.
  6. No Third Mainland Bridge, No Lagos. Without the Third mainland bridge, traffic will grind to a halt in Lagos, Nigeria commercial capital
  7. No imports, No petrol, Africa largest oil producer depends on petrol imports
  8. No Nomads, No beef. Africa most sophisticated nation relies on nomads for supply of beef, not ranches
  9. No NYSC, No primary and Secondary education in many states. NYSC, part-time “workers” form bulk of teachers
  10. No Banks, No Problem. By 2014, only 36.3% of Nigerians formally banked, Only 2.6% of adults with bank products have a loan with a bank.*

we can do better….its our problem, we can fix it


*Source: EFInA Access to Financial Services in Nigeria 2014 survey


  1. The story is still the same even as at 2017.
    Since we’ve mostly identified our problems, I still our next question should be ‘why aren’t we solving or attempting to solve them?’.

  2. Don’t worry. God is with us.
    Everything will be well again from 2017. Can’t you see the N7 tr budget. There will be money and things will be fine.

  3. Nigeria has ended long time ago. There are more problems probably to be added by the author if he/she had time.

  4. 5,8,9,10 are pretty dire but very fixable in the short term with strong political will power. They are my important factors for this government to deliver. You didn’t mention security and judiciary are we good with those?

  5. That right there is the template for any serious government… But no, they prefer to chase shadows

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