Kano State Voters Replace Their Voters

Pictures of kids ..literally kids voting in Kano LGA elections are distressing.
Kano is awash with kids who make a living off the streets, the State is statutory in care of all citizens in the State including kids, however its is a notch above child abuse to actually turn these kids into voters. The State through a sacred ritual of electing its own leaders has corrupted these street kids and shown that democracy in that State is but a farce. If children are taught that democracy is a game of deceit and money, then democracy has been killed off in the cradle in that State.
Why kids? because kids are innocent….adults may question constituency  appropriations, kids won’t.. the politicians are simply disenfranchising Kano voters by replacing them with kids. Ask yourself, why did they bother to have the kids actually thumbprint…because these kids are being ” trained” for a larger and more consequential  election in 2019. In 2019, these children may be asked to select a leader….Children that cannot drive or open accounts…are in line to vote.
The larger question is what will be done about these elections?
Will the State that organised them accept these election fruits from a poisioned tree? will the Federal Government that has sent DSS operatives to arrrest electoral officials in States ignore this?
Will the people shrug this off and say “na our way”?
What we accept……we cannot change.

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