We have a One Point Agenda

1. What is the economic plan? As we fight corruption, inflation will drop, jobs will be created, exports will rise
2. How do ensure primary Healthcare for Nigerians? Corruption is a cancer We will fight corruption and cholera, Malaria and HIV will disappear
3. How will we approach educational issues? we will build new schools, increase level of girl child education and educate teachers by fighting corruption
4. How will we create 3m jobs a year? Fighting corruption creates jobs
5. How do we diversify revenues sources via agriculture? By fighting corruption, We will bring down food prices, and provide farm inputs to small holder farmers.
6. What is the plan for transportation especially railways? as we fight corruption to a standstill, subways and high speed rail will appear
7. How do we make Nigeria rise in the Ease of Doing Business index? We will fight corruption
8. How will we close the housing deficit? As we are sincere in the anti-corruption fight, affordable homes will be built
9. how do we integrate renewable power into the national power grid? Corruption is the problem fight corruption; power will be available
10. how do we reduce population of awaiting trial in jails? We will achieve this by fighting corruption
11. what is the policy to drive local Steel production in Nigeria? We are fighting corruption, Ajaokuta will soon start producing steel
12. how do we ensure Nigeria is able to boot local content in the upstream petroleum sector? We are closing corrupt loopholes
13. how will we fight corruption? We will fight corruption by fighting corruption.


(New Nigeria Agenda)