Buhari Was Given A Plot Of Land In 2015 To Grow Yams

Buhari was given a plot of land in 2015……he says he met an empty yam barn.
Buhari was handed over
1. Land…(booming economy, largest in Africa)
2. Seeds….( record FDI inflow)
3. Fertilizer (crude oil earnings with $2b ECA savings)
4.Water (Nigeria one of only 2 African nations in JP Morgan Bond Index)
5.Workers (a nation with the largest number of educated English speakers in Africa)
Buhari also inherited
1.An economy ranked by CNN Money as potentially 3rd fastest growing in the world.
2. An economy that crafted a trade policy that saw all car companies come and open shop in Nigeria
3. An economy that suffered floods and food and inflation stayed low at single digit for 24 months
4. An economy with a Vision 20:2020 master plan, an agricultural plan, an Industrial plan, a detailed economic plan that captured scenarios and responses to fall in oil…
5. An economy that gave him $6b in NLNG dividends, $1.5b in SWF.
6. An economy among the global top in remittances inflow with the highest volume of remittances in Africa
7. Global support and attention following the Chibok girls issue.  The entire planet knew of Chibok, G7, Arab league all ready to help
What did he do? (We are still assuming he met an empty yam barn)
A. He refused to plant new yams…
B. He appointed town cryiers went to the town square and announced Buhari met no yams in the barn…
C. Then he flew on his 10 private jets and announced he met no yams in the barn
D.Then he shared the yam seedlings from the NLNG yam plot to his Governors to eat
E. He spent all the planting and raining season arresting all former farm workers. No planting, no weeding.
F. He failed to take advantage of global attention, even missing  UN session where IDPs were discussed
G. He did not employ farmers for 6 months
In summary;
He complained for nearly 20 months…planted nothing, Now in February 2017, his farmers say “look! we have no harvest”.
Question is what were you doing since 2015? Why didnt you plant any yams? Could you not complain and yet plant yams? When a nation cannot feed itself, then cannot even afford to import food to feed itself….thats not a nation. I dont think we understand how bad things are. The Federal Government of Nigeria is warning of famines…..the FGN!

Look at inflation rate….its basic food that is driving inflation. if food prices rise…..inflation rises…..yet we are importing grass for cows when humans have no meat to eat. We were blessed to have Akinwumi Adeshina in this nation…..a man that keep food prices low, even with boko haram and floods.

Today the space is filled with grass importers and media aides.

The problem with the Nigerian farm is not that Buhari met an empty yam barn or prices of yams fell, the problem is NOTHING was done….Only complaints and media hype

The yam barn is still empty today…..Now go and eat media hype…..

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  1. He’s been spinning his wheels from the very first day. He doesn’t have the innovative mind, mental industry nor intelligence to articulate how to grow an economy. He’s worst suited & prepared for the position he occupies. After him, Nigerians will willingly accept anything as its leader…it can’t get worse than this.

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