For Valentine, Dont Just Eat Chocolate, Invest In Cocoa

Its Valentine’s Day.
Love and Chocolates…..(so they say)
Chocolates is Cocoa….Cocoa is money, lots of export money. To be clear, after Crude oil, Cocoa is Nigeria biggest export earner…in 2013, Nigeria earned $1.2b from Cocoa…..this dropped to $666m in 2014……still a lot of money..
Are you plugged into Cocoa?  You may buy Chocolate for valentine,  but you can also plug in and invest in Cocoa to expand your income streams and diversify your Naira income. Look at this info-graphic below by Oxfam on Cocoa. Its gives us clues on how to plug into Cocoa, view the  “cost” on the info-graphic as “opportunities”.
Costs like “production”, becomes an  “opportunity” to invest in a small processing plant to add value to raw Cocoa beans for export or local use.  Margins are also higher on processed Cocoa rather than raw Cocoa beans. Notice the lowest margin are at the farming stage, so move up the value chain expand into transport and storage for instance.
Start this process by leaning all you can, and finding partners…..dont wait, just do it….
Hopefully in a few years time you would not just be a consumer of Chocolate but an investor in Cocoa.

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