The Problem Is Not The Plane……

Nigerians are asking about the Presidential jet parked in London ….the jet is the answer not the question.

Garba Shehu the senior media aide to President Buhari wants to eat his moi moi and have it at the same time. I have 5 questions for Garba Shehu…

1..Did President Buhari hand over his duties and responsibilities to VP Osinbanjo?

2..Is President Buhari today reasonably and able to perform the functions of the Presidency?

3..Can the President hand over a part of his duties or all of it…in essence, is the President under a constitutional mandate to hand over the duties of his office to his Vice President if he is incapacitated for a second?

4..Who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces today?

5..If President Buhari is still the President, then he retains the rights, privileges and protocols of the office thus a Presidential Jet for a President is normal, but if Ag President Osibanjo is the President then he assumes the rights, privileges and protocols of the office…including the jet…(and the Commander in Chief flag)

The Nigerian constitution does not envisage a gap or lacuna in the office of the Presidency. To retain the Commander in Chief Flag and Presidential Jet with Buhari suggests that Buhari is still the President…which brings us back to question (1).

We must be clear on this …..Nigeria cannot have two Presidents and constitutionally Nigeria must have a Vice President….

However, i doubt Ghana or South Africa or Egypt or Kenya can park a Presidential plane owned by their  nation in another airport for 90 days PLUS…..even if it’s a State visit…even if it’s for free.

The problem is not the plane….

My own is to post.

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