How To Test For Plastic Rice At Home

The Nigerian Minister for Health Prof. Isaac Adewole has released a statement on  “plastic rice” seized by the Nigerian Customs.

The statement reads;

“I have just been briefed by Director General National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on Plastic Rice reports. Preliminary test results reveal there is no evidence backing claims.

Tests conducted;

floating – negative,

cooking – normal,

odour normal,

color – off white rice grains,

moisture – 13.0, pre-ashing – normal /2

NAFDAC will release detailed findings to public as soon as it concludes investigations. We urge all Nigerians to remain calm for now”


Great…how can you spot “plastic rice”? HealthEternally.com  has some very good tips we share below


Sink Or Swim?

Stir a tablespoon or two of the rice into a glass of water and observe. Authentic rice is more dense, and will sink to the bottom of the glass. Rice formulated with plastic will float.


2. Fungus Among Us

Cook a small portion of the rice and place it into a container; leave it to rest on the counter. If after a few days, mold has not begun to form (as it should on actual rice) you know you have a plastic imposter.

3. Fight The Grime

Be observant while boiling your rice. If a thick layer of residue is formed at the top of the water during this process – you may have reason for concern.

4. Strike A Match

When a flame is put to fake rice, the “rice” will emit a plastic or even sweet potato smell.  Yes, it will burn as you would imagine plastic would. So, for peace of mind – light it up!


Stay safe during the holidays….

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