Baba Welcome !!!

Baba welcome ooh!

The whole Nation is joyful as you return ……again.

shame to wailers

shame to Charly Boy

shame to London vigil protesters

Baba the only people not happy you have returned are

1. Aides collecting estacode in London.

2. Airlines carrying visitors to London

3. Boko Haram, (they will be technically defeated again)

4. Babachair the suspended SGF..as you will treat him like Dasuki who is also an accused

5. Mike Asukwo what will he draw now?

Baba the only problem is that GSM companies revenue will fall because London to Abuja calls will reduce ..we know you called each Minister every day and spent an hour with them.

Baba welcome ooh, let me update you….

Ameachi has started work on Lagos to Calaber rail, in fact the rail line stations in Edo is nearly complete…pls encourage him.

Fashola has nearly built Zungeru dam….pls encourage him.

Baba ASUU are on strike ooh…..yes the PDP ASUU, they say they want N1t….but baba what is N1t? when TSA has N5t? …..

The duo of Kemi and Godwin have made $1 equal to N10….baba we know your mandate to them was $1 to N1 but they are trying, please encourage them.

Boko Haram want to disturb us but General has given them 40 days quit notice.

Baba, Audu has commissioned a new rice mill, rice Is now N500 a bag, but corrupt people are seling it for N18,000….EFCC is their portion, Amen.

EFCC have been doing well Baba, we would have recovered more PDP loot but we ran out of whistles…

Baba in summary, the nation is calm and prosperous, just as you left it.


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