Richer Than The State

What is the point of being richer than a State if you have not used your wealth to eradicate extreme poverty around you.

Bill Gates is “richer” than Nigeria, he is paying for vaccines and polio eradication in Nigeria.

Show me the free school you have built?

Show me any research into any life killing menace like Malaria or Tuberculosis you are funding? Yet you boost….let me let you know these…

A. Stanford University was built by a former American Governor.

B. In the city where you call home and milk to your satisfaction, Ford Foundation is there “supporting specific efforts to improve career and technical education, to help prepare more young people for employment.”

C. Mark Zuckerberg was in your city…..investing in youth in your city,

D. Oprah Winfrey has given Morehouse College more than $12m to educate more than 300 black men to “light up the world”

E. If you are driving to the Lagos Airport, opposite the Post Office is a White Hospital built and donated by Bank Anthony, it is now the Ikeja General Hospital, he also donated a ward to the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi………he too maybe was richer than debt ridden Osun, but he built hospitals.

Normally what a man does with his money is his business but is it your money? did you have a private jet before your entered public office or after?

Perhaps you have given more than Oprah Winfrey or Ford in secret but if you can publically boost about your wealth, then let us also see your philanthropy in public.

Before you another public servant in the person of Chief Obafemi Awolowo ruled, if he also became “richer than Osun” would you have gone to free public school?

So should your responsibility not be to ensure you replicate and build one John Hopkins and one MIT in every Local Government Area in Lagos……instead of Eko Atlantic?


Andrew Carnegie said ” The man who dies rich, dies disgraced”.

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